Hanging Lake is a must do hike if you are visiting Glenwood Springs, CO. Aspen, Vail or any of the other surrounding areas.  It was designated a National Natural Landmark because of it’s amazing beauty and the unique geologic aspects of the destination.

View From the Top of Hanging Lake
Trail Head NameHanging Lake
Length2.8 mi or 4.5 km
TypeOut and Back
Elevation Gain1000 ft or 304.8 m
Estimated Time2-3 hours

How do you Get Here?

The hike starts at the trail head which can be reached from the Hanging Lake Parking lot right off I70 on the Rest Area for hanging lake just east of Glenwood Springs a few miles. Make sure to start your hike early or you will either be turned away by the park rangers or end up waiting in line for a space to open up. Signs over I70 indicate if the trail head is open or not.

Planning Before the Hike

If you are hiking on the weekend during peak season we suggest you arrive before 8:30 AM to ensure you get a parking spot. The peak season for this hike is during the North American summer months, June-September. This trail can get very busy because of it’s popularity but be patient! It’s well worth the hike.

Hanging Lake is so Popular among outdoor enthusiasts because or it’s beauty. The community wants to preserve it’s beauty to preserve it for future generations. A fee is charged because of it’s popularity. Make sure to use the potty ahead of time because there is no restroom available and of course make sure to bring plenty of water! The trail is also accessible by shuttle or bike from Glenwood Springs. To see the latest hanging lake situation see the GSCRA Tourism and Promotions website.

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