As you probably already know, Hawaii is home to many different scenic hiking trails. These beautiful natural islands have a lot of places that you can explore. Today, we are going to focus on one particular hiking trail. The Waihee Ridge Trail is a very beautiful path that everyone should hike down at least once. Below, we will go into more detail about the trail so you will know what to expect if you do decide to visit the trail.

Waihee Ridge Trail: What to Expect

The trail which is located near Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii and it is in a truly beautiful area. When walking down the trail you can expect to see area wildlife. There are many birds along the trail, so if you are a birdwatcher, you will feel right at home here.

While walking down the trail you may run into other hikers because it is moderately trafficked most of the year. On the other hand, you may not see anyone around which can be a very peaceful experience.

Camping is not permitted along the trail and no drinking water is available. So, make sure to bring plenty of water with you so that you do not get dehydrated. During your hike, you will walk past a guava thicket as well as some planted trees and native scrubs. Once you have reached the peak of the trail, you will be rewarded with amazing views of Wailuku and central Maui.


The trail features a waterfall and it is accessible year round, making it a great place to visit. If you own a dog, you can bring him or her along with you for the hike, as long as you keep your pet on a leash.

Trail Closure

In the past, you may have noticed a sign saying “Waihee Ridge Trail closed”. This trail closure happened at the beginning of 2017. The closure was necessary because of improvement projects that were going on. Now, the trail is open and no future closures are expected. The improvement project helped to make the trail more accessible. Observation platforms were also added. These improvements have really helped this trail become easier and more popular too.

Waihee Ridge Trail Directions

If you would like to hike this beautiful trail you will need to get there first. Starting out from Kahekili Highway (340) drive up Maluhia Road for approximately nine-tenths of a mile. Here you will notice a fence that has a sign on it that says “trail head”. You will then need to follow right-of-way markers through a field. The trail head will start at the beginning of the forest.

Length and Elevation

The Waihee Ridge Trail Maui is an out and back path that has an elevation gain of 489 meters and a total elevation at the peak of 1,536 feet above sea level. The length of the trail is only 2.5 miles making it moderately difficult to traverse. If you are in good physical shape, this trail should not give you any problems as long as you take it slow. Wearing the right shoes will also help make traveling down the trail much easier.

Safety While on the Trail

As any hiking trail, the Waihee Ridge Trail comes with its share of safety concerns. As it is located in an area where people could be hunting, it is advised that you do not wander off the trail. In addition to hunters, you should always keep an eye out for others on the trail.

It is not advisable to hike alone. If you do go alone, always tell someone that you are going and when you will be back. An emergency signaling device such as a mirror or whistle should be carried along with your gear. The proper attire and footwear should also be worn. Lastly, always bring enough water with you to last your hike because no water is available in the area.

Waihee Ridge Trail Weather

The weather within the Waihee Ridge Trail can change at any time. This is why it is important to keep an eye on the weather before you head off on the trail. Rainstorms can come up quickly, and when combined with lighting, it can cause a dangerous situation. Always make sure to check the local weather before you leave home. Luckily, the weather is very nice most of the time and you will usually have great views of the area once you reach the top!

In Conclusion

The Waihee Ridge Trail is a beautiful, moderately long path that has some very amazing views. It also has a very nice waterfall which will make your experience even better! So, if you love to hike, and you are in this part of the state, make sure to check out this really cool trail! Remember to be safe on the trail and always respect others while hiking.