Types of outdoors activities in Lake Placid area written by: Miller.Hum Found in New York, Lake Placid is a two-time Winter Olympics host with a lot of interesting outdoor activities for visitors. While most of the activities found in this region are centered around Olympics theme, there are many other things that one can participate in. Some of the popular outdoor events you can enjoy include, mountain climbing, lake placid skiing, horseback riding, paddling, fishing, camping and so much more.

Also not to be missed is the original 1980 Winter Games torch that’s still glowing at the Horse Show Grounds.

Lake Placid NY Outdoor Activities

If you want to explore nature then The Wild Center offers a multitude of options to check out. It covers 31 Acres of land and offers a wide range of hands-on activities for both children and adults. The Wild Center is a great place for the entire family to have fun, and also learn about various plants and animals found in the region.

Another place to consider for outdoor activities is The White Pines Camp, it’s famous for being the favorite summer vacation spot for U.S President Herbert Hoover. White Pines features a total of 20 buildings and sits on an area covering 35 acres. There are various walking tracks not to be missed here, such as the likewise and woodland trails.

Lake Placid NY Wild Center

Picnicking in Lake Placid

Lake Placid village offers the perfect scenery for relaxing and taking in the beautiful landscape through picnicking. One of the best places to picnic is at John Brown’s rustic farm, which is located just a short distance east of the village. Other interesting sites are:

South Meadow

It’s found along Route 73 approximately 3.2 miles to Adirondack Loj Highway on the right. South Meadow is a quiet and pristine area in Lake Placid with a cool, wild touch to it.

As you picnic here, feel free to explore the tall grasses and wildflowers found upstream. There are also magnificent mountain ranges that can be seen in the vicinity, while different bird species chirp peacefully in the trees above your picnicking site.

Base of Roaring-Brook Falls

This site is found only a short distance outside of Keene Valley and along one of the trailheads for Giant Mountain. Once you reach Roaring Brook Falls itself, continue on the flat trail ahead then down to your left there’s a massive rock that stands directly above you, with the Fall’s rushing waters cascading down on the right side.

Picnicking at Lake Placid NY

Horseback Riding

Lake Placid offers great opportunities for horseback riding along its many trails. Both male and female riders of all ages will find suitable trails for their liking throughout the area. Moreover, there are knowledgeable guides ready to accompany you through the wild tracks for safety purposes.

Visitors can either plan a quick morning ride, or an entire day of adventure complete with beautiful scenery, a picnic and lots of memories. Furthermore, during winter-time guests can take sleigh rides as they stay warm under dense blankets while enjoying the chilly, pine scented air.

Horseback riding allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of High Peaks & Lake Placid Olympic Venues, as well as the Adirondack Mountains. There are also trail rides through the lush Adirondack forest, directed by experienced guides who know the way and are often ready to provide assistance where necessary.

Nevertheless, before the horseback riding, visitors would be taken through a small tutorial session to learn the basics of this activity. All possible measures will be taken to ensure the total safety and comfort of riders. This orientation process shall equip adventurers with skills on how to control the animal, horse behavior & personality and so forth.

Horseback Riding in Lake Placid NY

Camping In Lake Placid

Adirondack Park is a prime location for lake placid camping, it features several acres of back-country sites and lean-to locations that are perfect for laying camp. After a couple of nights sleeping outside and watching the stars at night, you can treat yourself to some hot shower and comfortable stay in one of Lake Placid’s many world-class lodges.

Alternately, visitors can camp at the Keene Pond Walk which is a small beaver pond found in the region. There’s a trail measuring 0.25 miles that cuts all around the pond, it offers a peaceful destination for wildlife viewing, birding and brisk nature walks as you enjoy your camping experience.

Another great place for camping in lake placid is at Jay Covered Bridge, adventurers can walk across the bridge and also lay a tent next to it if captivated by the site. There are also great views of Ausable River which lies a short distance away, and you are allowed to swim with a dive suit. Other spectacular camping spots to check out are:

North Pole Campground and Inn
ADK Wilderness Campground
Jellystone Paradise Pines Camping Resort
Cascade Acres
Drapers Acres
Whiteface Mt KOA Campground

Lake Activities in Lake Placid

Fishing is a very popular activity in Lake Placid, both newbie and experienced anglers can try their luck with catching the many fish species that lurk in the water body. Most of the lake covers 40ft in depth with two main basins, some of the fish that can be found here are Lake trout, Brook trout and Smallmouth bass amongst others.

Additionally, you can go for leisure paddling on the lake. Adirondack mountain range feeds constant fresh water into the lake, thus making it perfect for activities such as kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and whitewater rafting.

Hiking in Lake Placid

Lake Placid has some of the most ideal hiking spots in the East region, there are more than 2,000 miles of pristine trails for hiking in lake placid. The most noticeable of these is the trail that leads to 46 High Peaks, an area that reaches as high as 4,000ft.

Furthermore, the Cascade Mountain is home to several hike spots that offer a panoramic view of the valleys down below. Some of the best hiking spots in Lake Placid are:

Gothics Mountain
Mount Colden
Crane Mountain
Wright Peak
Panther Mountain
Giant Mountain
Cascade Mountain
Baxter Mountain

Hiking View in Lake Placid NY

Rock Climbing In Lake Placid

Lake Placid features the largest wilderness cliff in the East region of America, it offers secluded backcountry crags and wilderness walls that are perfect for rock climbing. High Peaks area in particular has a range of challenges suitable for rock-climbers of all ability categories.

Visitors can also explore and experience other related activities in the region such as remote backcountry cragging and summer mountaineering. Some of the challenging climbing spots to try out are Avalanche Pass, Noonmark and Rooster Comb. Below is a complete list of climbing locations:

  • Henderson Cliff
  • Avalanche Pass
  • Gothics
  • Noonmark
  • Rooster Comb
Rock Climbing in Lake Placid NY

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