Whether visiting the family friendly destination for a vacation with the kids and family, or visiting Glenwood Springs CO to enjoy the great outdoor activities and parks, there is plenty to do in the area. These are a few of the nearby Glenwood Springs hotels, area attractions, nearby destinations, and Glenwood Springs weather you can expect, regardless of which time of the year you expect to make the trip to the destination. Because of the Glenwood Springs hot springs this town is centered around tourism associated with outdoor activities and the Hot Springs.

Glenwood Springs Area

Driving to Glenwood Springs CO

When visiting Glenwood Springs Colorado, there is a little bit of something for everyone. As a top family friendly destination in the state, the park is a main area attraction/draw. It is a top tourist area attraction in the state, surrounding the Colorado River and Roaring Fork Valley. It features several attractions including the hot springs being one of the biggest for winter visitors. Modern cultural attractions, nearby dining, the famous Glenwood Springs Park, and plenty of outdoor recreation make it a popular attraction in the state.

Sunlight Mountain Skiing resort famous for the many courses it features, and is only 12 miles from the city, making skiing one of the most popular winter activities. Rafting, kayaking, fishing, and other outdoor activities are abundant in the area, as is local wildlife. The Downtown Farmer’s market is open every Tuesday and is another popular area draw.

Airports Near Glenwood Springs CO

If you are flying into the area, there are a few nearby airports you can travel from. Although Glenwood Springs does have a nearby airport, it typically caters to local travel and commercial flights. Nearby attractions once you reach the Glenwood Springs area include: Grand Junction International which is approximately 87 miles to your destination. Vail (Eagle County Airport) is a short 30 mile distance from Glenwood Springs. Denver International is just over 150 miles away for those who want to fly into a major airport.

It is noted as one of the most walk-able towns in the US. It is about 120 miles from Denver, CO. For those who enjoy skiing, Vail is approximately 60 miles driving or by plane, and Aspen is approximately 40 miles from the area.

Glenwood Springs CO Weather

Cold winters, warm summers, and mild spring/fall seasons, make it a perfect mix for outdoor enthusiasts visiting the area. The semi-arid climates range in the mid 40’s from November to February, with highs of about 65 degrees F. Spring months are mild, ranging from the mid 50s to 70s F. And, summer months typically fall between the 70s to lower 90s F. Average precipitation for the region is about 18” per year, and average snowfall can reach as high as 60” during the winter months. With approximately 80 days of rainy weather, fog is sometimes present in the area as well.

Wildlife Near Glenwood Springs CO

Wildlife in Glenwood Springs

As it is a popular outdoor, walking town, Glenwood Springs also has an expansive list of area wildlife visitors can see while visiting the region. Sightings which have been reported include: Elk, Colorado Bighorn Sheep, Bald and Golden Eagles, the Black Bear, and Mule Deer.

Falcons, hawks, owls, mallards, woodpeckers, and other species of birds are often seen in the region as well, as the park is a popular bird watching destination. Fish, including Brown trout, wild salmon, Mackinaw, and other small species are also frequently seen at fishing holes.

Visitors can enjoy these species (from a safe viewing distance of course) at varying points during the year. Visitors are encouraged to visit with professionals, and understand the local area, to avoid dangerous encounters with local wildlife and dangerous species of animals during their visit.

Other Great Destinations

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