If you are looking for a place to relax and spend time with family and friends, Lake Placid is the place to be. It is a good place for family vacations, gets together, friendly re-unions and romantic getaways. It is also a good place to spend a couples retreat and even some time alone during vacations. Business trips and research for students can also be conducted here. Lake placid weather gives you the opportunity to enjoy summer or winter fun!

 General introduction

Lake Placid is located in New York, Essex County in North Elba. It can be accessed through a couple of airports and roads. Although it is not connected to any highway intersection, one can reach the village from New York state route 73, the Interstate 87 which is from the East, New York state route 86, County roads 21, 31 and 35 and the New York state route 9N. Someone can also be served by Lake Placid airport which is just 2 miles to the south of the village, through Adirondack airport that is 16 miles in Saranac, the airports in Plattsburgh, Burlington International Airport, and Albany International Airport.

It is surrounded by mountain rocks, very good for hikes and nature walks, quant villages full of people; enthusiastic and friendly people with very rich cultural heritage. The locals give one of the best getaway experiences in any resort giving the surrounding a general feel of being home away from home.

It a place packed with fun of all sorts and people can enjoy a beer at the local bar as they anticipate a mind blowing encounter. The hardest thing to do is deciding whether to spend the weekend or the whole week at Lake Placid. This has been experienced by many tourists who travel there every year. Other high peak regions also attract many people here. As a matter of fact, in the past, people used to come to Saranac Lake just nearby because of the great mountain air that can treat tuberculosis.

The all season resort is open throughout the year with fun, wonderful experiences and memories all through the four seasons. There are winter games, summer sports, and many trademark activities in the spring. When it comes to where to spend the night in Lake Placid, there is a variety of options to choose from. These choices range from a cozy B&B, a state of the art upscale green hotel, exclusive camping cabins, and the much envied private rental houses.

Lake Placid Weather

Just like any other part of America, Lake Placid goes through the four seasons, summer, winter, spring and autumn. This does not distort its operations in any way. As a matter of fact, the management has developed activities tailored around the seasons making the Lake relevant all through the year. Winter sports like skiing are way beyond the normal experience.

In the summer, they offer all sorts of activities including outdoor activities, picnicking, horseback riding, camping, hiking rock climbing and others. They ensure that all those who visit the resort be they locals or tourists enjoy to the maximum and are ambassadors of the result to the other people who have not yet visited. Because of the experiences say during winter, they will want to come back to experience what the resort has to offer during other seasons like summer.

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Lake Placid dates back to the 19th century. It was first started to promote Iron ore mining. Most of the land was first bought as a home for slaves. After some time, Melvil Dewey bought land and designed the Placid club in 1895. As leisure kept on increasing as a group of rich and famous merchants rose during this time, Lake Placid Club was formed.

It drew a great number of people because of anti-slavery campaigns. Although the initial owner of the land did not play a great part in the establishment of Lake Placid as it currently is, he sure played a major role in the anti-slave campaigns before his execution. It is because this place was a harbour of freed slaves; the locals are hospitable beyond comparison.

Olympic Destination

Lake Placid has enjoyed some accomplishments and achievements through the years. It has hosted some major events from its establishment. Just to mention but a few, it boasts of hosting ski jumping and speed skating in 1921. Melvil’s son is responsible for pushing Lake Placid to host the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. The start of the winter Olympics was in 1905 when the resort was opened.

Due to the great results as a result of being opened during the winter, the resort started making events and coming up with winter sports that have taken everyone by surprise. The resort also hosted the winter universe in 1972 and winter goodwill games in 2000. It also has many other accomplishments and honorary awards over its years of operation. It was not until 1900 when the village was incorporated and changed its name to Lake Placid.


It is almost at the centre of North Elba town, 50 miles (80 km) on the southwest of Plattbrurgth. It’s almost central location is key in making sure that people fully enjoy the experience of the village. It is easy to survey the whole locality from a central place because it can be a starting point to any direction. It is bordered by Saranac and Tappet lakes giving the area a collective tri-lake name.

Due to this, Saranac Lake has also hosted a number of winter Olympics, and as a result, some of the visitors come to view and enjoy the wonderful experience. It has many places to visit like mountain peaks, caves, and other sceneries. Lake Placid covers an area of 1.5 square miles (4km) whereby over 88% of it is land (1.4 square miles). It is located in the south of Lake Placid, and it covers about 10% of the resort.

Adirondack Landscape


The place is also a hub for wildlife and a rare species of animals and birds later on in the landscape. Just to mention but a few of the rare birds; the great grey owl migrates to the area during winter. The Shoebox falls is also a magical place to travel to because of its view. Summer is not left out too in regards to the wildlife experience. There is a lot of singing during this season as birding is a view. Moreover, the mysterious northern saw-whet owl, one of the three rare types of owls is found in Lake Placid.

Lake Placid is simply a scenic destination; a must visit place in a lifetime!

Moose in Lake Placid NY

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