Eldorado Canyon State Park is a popular destination for people looking to get out of the city in the summer time and enjoy the mountains without a long drive. Eldorado Canyon State Park is located a few miles south of boulder. With such easy access right along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains for Denver, Boulder, and many other residents in the Denver Metro Area, this is a very popular location during warm weather for outdoor enthusiasts.

The park is located off of highway 93 south of Boulder Colorado. To get to the park you will head west on highway 170 for about 3 miles. You will drive through the town of Eldorado Springs to get to the park.

On hot summer days you can cool off by dipping your toes into the South Boulder Creek at one of the many picnic sites. You might have a hard time keeping your feet in for long though! Even on the hot summer days the water temperature of this Creek does not got much above 50° F (10 C°). This water is generated mostly from snow melt which keeps the temperature very cold all year long.


The park is open from sunrise to sunset every day! To get a spot here need to arrive early. On weekend and summer days the park has been known to be full as early as 9 AM. Once the park is full people will be turned away at the gate.

South Boulder Creek at Eldorado Canyon State Park

Fees and Amenities

This wilderness area is operated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and a fee is required if driving into the park by car. The current fees are listed here. Walk-ins are welcome as well but it’s very difficult to find parking in the town of Eldorado itself which is located just outside of the park.


There are 10 picnic sites along Eldorado Canyon with 1-4 picnic tables each. Each of these sites also has a charcoal grill. This is a great location for picnicking because you get to enjoy the wilderness but also have the convenience of full service restrooms and drinking water at the Visitor’s center. Make sure to arrive early for a picnic spot!

Looking Towards Denver From Eldorado Canyon State Park

Rock Climbing

Eldorado State park is known among climbing circles as a great location for climbing of all skill levels due to the large sandstone cliffs on either side of Eldorado Canyon. These cliffs vary in length with the longest one being 700 ft high! According to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife information removable gear replacement skills are mandatory.

There are some bolted sport routes in the canyon rated at 5.11d which is defined as the following according to this site:

5.11 a, b, c, d – This is the world of the dedicated climber. Expect steep and difficult routes that demand technical climbing and powerful moves.

If you are not able to find climbing routes difficult enough for your skills then you should try out for american ninja warrior. There are also many other routes for the skill levels in between. Climbers would also enjoy additional climbing on the flatirons just north of Eldorado Canyon on highway 93 in the town of Boulder, CO.

Warning! Rock climbing is a dangerous sport and substantial risk of injury exists. Rock climb at your own risk. Remember safety is your own responsibility! To find out more about climbing at Eldorado Canyon State Park go here.

A climbing route map can be found here.

Climber at Eldorado Canyon State Park


See the Following Hikes in Eldorado Canyon area:


Eldorado Canyon was originally inhabited by the Ute Native American’s. After European settlement, Eldorado Canyon provided wood, entertainment, and eventually outdoor enjoyment. Click the icon to learn more!

Learn More about Eldorado Canyon History Here!


Unfortunately this is a day use only park and campers are not allowed.

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