Colorado hiking and camping offers many different terrain’s and places and many other outdoors activities to satisfy any outdoor enthusiast! With such a diverse landscape and many other outdoor enthusiasts, Colorado has quickly become a vacation destination where people can connect with nature. Regardless of if you are looking for a hikes and camping for one, or family activities such as whitewater rafting and panning for gold, Colorado is a great destination. Because of the outdoor culture in Colorado it ranks among the top places for the smallest obesity rate people in the United States! See the Tabs below for information related to the different climates.


Colorado has a wide range of different terrains. The state is essentially half mountainous terrain and half plains which provide people interested in the outdoors with a diverse choice of landscapes to enjoy.


Colorado’s elevation above sea level is 3,315 feet (1010 m) at the lowest point and 14,433 ft (4,399 m) on top of Mt. Elbert which is the highest Peak in Colorado. The drastic elevation change is due to the Rocky Mountain Range which runs North and South through the state and is also be referred to as the “Rockies”.


The Eastern part of Colorado resides on the Great Plains. The great plains stretch through much of the central United States and offer a great outdoor experience for anyone interested in being out on the open range. Trees are sparse in parts of the plains and packing must be done accordingly to protect against the elements such as the sun.


Colorado also has a wide range of climate zones. Colorado attracts many visitors due to it’s great dry climate and fewer bugs. In the Winter Colorado receives heavy snows but can still have periods of warm weather above 70°F (21°C). The summers are generally temperate but if things get hot just go up in elevation!


With the many different climate zones brings many species of animals from large to small. There are many places in Colorado where wildlife can be viewed and enjoyed readily. Colorado also contains predators so precautions should be taken to avoid any bad experiences!

Shadow Canyon to South Boulder Peak

This trail starts out at the South Mesa Trail head which leads to many different destinations and connects with Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Park land. From the South Mesa Trail head, take the

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