Boggs and Boulders is the perfect campground for those looking for an off-roading adventure. This amazing campground has something for everyone! Not only do they have a huge mud pit for you to test your off-road skills, but they also have a wide variety of other activities. Today, we are going to learn more about Boggs & Boulders so you will know what to expect when you come to visit. So, if you love being outdoors and playing in the mud, you should really pay close attention to the information below.


Boggs and Boulders has been an off-road campground and adventure park for many years. While there is little online information about the history of this campground, people have been coming here from around the country since the year 2009. This is the year the campground opened and it has grown in size and popularity. Both grownups and kids simply love this campground and it is a family friendly venue.


Getting to Boggs and Boulders is easy if you know the way. From the town of Andalusia, AL take County Road 42 for 19 miles until you reach Brooklyn Road. Follow Brooklyn Road until you reach the entrance of the park. The entrance of the park is located at 20133 Brooklyn Rd Andalusia, Alabama. To locate Boggs and Boulders Off Road Campground in your GPS, use these coordinates: 66VX+5W Brooklyn, Alabama.



Since this park is an off-road campground hiking is not one of the pastimes that most people enjoy. However, there are plenty of areas to walk in and you can hike around the mud flats if you are looking for some exercise. Also, there are many dry dirt trails that you can go down on while staying at this wonderful campground.


Boggs and Boulders Alabama has plenty of camping opportunities. Here, you will find loads of primitive campsites that are perfect for tent camping. These sites are highly affordable and a great place to call home while visiting the campground. They also offer cabin rentals as well as RV camping sites for those that like to have some comforts of home. As you can see, this campground has plenty of space for you.


There are lots to do here at Boggs and Boulders so finding something you love won’t be hard. The campground which is over 1000 acres has 160 miles of dirt trails for you to enjoy. Most people ride their dirt bikes or ATVs when traversing these sometimes muddy tracts. In addition to the dirt trails, you will find a large mud flat that is in the center of the campground. These flats are used by off-road vehicles of all different types. For those that love to swim you will be happy to find a naturally fed spring pond which is perfect for cooling off during the hot summer.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Boggs and Boulders is the perfect off-road campground that has something for everyone! So, if you are into off-roading, and other outdoor activities, you should really check out this amazing place!