Whether you’re hitting the Alpines or the Colorado Mountains, the best skiers out there deserve the best ski equipment, gear, and clothes. While there are tons of companies out there claiming to be the best, there’s nothing out there like Rossignol.

Rossignol is the oldest ski company in the world. Started in 1907 by Abel Rossignol, the company has been making and improving ski gear for over a century. This leads to the awesome products it offers today.

If you’re in the market for great women’s ski pants, you’re in luck. Rossignol has some great choices on the market that can be conveniently brought to you on Amazon. Below, are some of the five best Rossignol ski pants for women in 2018.

Rossignol Ski Pants Women’s

You’re looking at the best seller of Rossignol women’s ski pants—and with good reason. The basic pair provides amazing performance while still being stylish, using the classic straight cut design. These pants are waterproof to 20,000 mm. They are also covered in water-repellent treatment (specifically, the DWR treatment). Breathability goes up to 20,000 g/m²/day, so they’ll be wicking sweat while keeping you warm and cozy on the slopes. Really cozy, since you get thermal insulation from 3M™ Thinsulate™, meaning the right amount of warmth, performance, and lightness.

There’s enough space in the pant legs for your boots too. You don’t have to deal with uncomfortable stretches or gusts of cold air running up your skiing pants. Don’t worry about water slipping in through the seams since all seams are thermally welded in order to make the pants more waterproof. Overall, be prepared to get the best ski performance of your life with the Rossignol Women’s ski pants.  You’ll also have never looked better while doing it.

Rossignol Ski Softshell Pant Women’s

The softshell Rossignol ski pants are what you want if you want a slightly more protective pair of pants compared to the basic pair. The softshell skiing pants are slim fit and stretchy. They’ll always be comfortably snug around your thighs and upper leg. These pants are shaped to compliment feminine curves while allowing freedom of movement. Also, you can use the belt loops to either hold up a belt or hang keys or other small items using carabiners. Get protected from the elements with the 10K waterproof rating and stay warm with the fleece lining. You won’t need a base layer of long underwear or thermal leggings with the Rossignol ski pants! They protect you equally well from wind. This is good when you’re flying down those slick and snowy slopes. If you’re looking for a great, high-quality pair of breathable yet protecting ski pants, this is it.

Rossignol Elite Ski Pant Women’s

The most elite skiers deserve the most elite ski pants. Where would you get a better pair than from Rossignol? These pants are of exceptional quality, keeping you dry whether you’re in the rain or snow. The stretchy fabric fits comfortably, giving you a classic look that would be comfy to wear all day. If you find that you need to adjust your pants (skiing burns calories, after all), you can make quick a tightening or loosening with the convenient waistline belt loop. Rossignol has had more than a century of research going into making great ski pants. With an elite pair from an elite company, you’ll always get high-quality, comfortable performance.

Rossignol Elite Basalt Pant Women’s

Not only do the Women’s Elite Basalt ski pants look great, but they’ll keep you warm even on the highest mountains. The 40G insulation is perfect for any season and weather condition. It keeps in heat while allowing motion, meaning sleet and hail aren’t going to deter you in these pants. They provide an adjustable waist and don’t restrict movement because of the four-way stretch fabric. The outer shell is waterproof and has convenient pockets for carrying phones or other fitness tracking devices. There’s plenty of room for your boots in the bottom of these pants. Overall, the Elite Basalt Rossignol pants are a great way to look stylish and cool on the slopes while feeling warm and cozy while you hike.

vWomen’s Bright Stretch: Ski Pants

Are these a pair of pants out of a famous fashion magazine or are they ski pants? Well, you guessed correctly. The Rossignol Company is talented when it comes to making high-quality, high-performance ski gear.Their products also look and feel great and the bright stretch pants represent that fully. They’re for skiers that crave functionality with protection.

You’re looking at a pair of highly breathable and waterproof ski pants for women. They have a dual-layer 20,000/20,000 stretch composition that keeps you covered in bad weather, all the while providing superb moisture transfer. You’ll stay warm with the 3M™ Thinsulate™, keeping you warm while whisking away moisture. No dangerous sweating that can drop your body temperature. Best of all, you get a durable water repellent layer for when the snow starts flying up or it starts raining. A great pair of pants that look as great as they are technically functional.

When it comes to getting the best performance on the hills, you need to get the best gear possible. This not only means the best skis and poles but pants as well. Rossignol has always blown away the competition with their exceptionally high-quality products for skiers. Their pants only reflect the century of hard work they’ve put into their line of ski gear. Women can, therefore, wear the finest ski pants on any slope, looking great while skiing wonderfully at the same time. Stay warm and make the right decision when buying ski pants. With Rossignol ski pants, and make the smart investment for fantastic ski apparel and performance.

Those were some of the five best Rossignol ski pants. It was hard to pick from such an amazing lineup of ski pants, but we’ve gathered the top pants for your viewing pleasure. 2018 is a great year for their ski gear—keep a look out for future pants and other products.