Being able to cook your special meal, boil a cup of hot coffee or tea to keep warm, and roast some games among others while camping – is part of the adventure and fun as a backpacker.

With a perfect backpacking stove, you can improve your wilderness and camping adventures in ways that few other tools can’t – though all vital tools come well complementary for your comfort.

Now you can enjoy your cooking experience with backpacking stoves that are uniquely designed, light & convenient for your entire trip. With the selected backpacking cooking gears for 2017 on this list, you will be able to spend a lot less time with your camp food preparations & your pack will also stay good & light.

I created this list to help you save time with a choice – as there are too many of them in the marketplace to cause enough confusion & distraction. Anyone you choose from this list below would be perfect for your trip!

Consider the following When Selecting Hiking Cooking Gear:

TYPE OF STOVE: In the marketplace, there are solid fuel stoves, alcohol stoves, canister stoves, wood stoves, liquid fuel stoves, among others.

PRICING: Backpacking cooking stoves are presented in a wide range of prices and they do come between $50 and $1000. Considering pricing, you need to factor in – convenience and durability.

WEIGHT: Some come weighing as much as a pound and other lighter ones weighing under an ounce.

WINTER USAGE: Because of the cold moments in seasons like this, you should consider a stove that saves fuel and that does well in such freezing conditions. Liquid fuel stoves are great for this purpose.

FIRMNESS: You need a stove that stays stable on the ground as you wouldn’t want it knocking down your cooked meal.

FUEL TANK SIZE: This includes the type of fuel tank the unit can interface with as well as fuel type. All of the units in this article are compatible G2/G3/G5 gas tank. You also want to consider the fuel types. Some canisters are designed to use blends of fuel sold by the manufacturer. In some cases for performance this is a good idea for more extreme conditions.

So let’s get the list burning:


Approx. WEIGHT – 14.6oz

(Stove and pot)

This choice comes as my top pick for canister stoves. The Jetboil MiniMo is a full set cooking gear that is really convenient & dependable. It has loads of handy features comprising solid handle, superb simmer control, a push-button ignition, and a great shape/size that makes eating out of it awesome and easy.

This is the highest rated unit simply because of the design. If you are looking for top of the line then this is the unit for you. It packs in the smallest amount of space. The cannister is not only able to handle the whole unit but it’s also able to pack the

Even though this cooking system requires the Jetboil Fuel which is an Isobutane/Propage Fuel Mix it’s still one of the best designed systems out there. The fuel mix actually lets you get a better functioning system because of the even fuel pressure generated by the required fuel mix. The small fuel canisters also fit within the 1 liter cooking cup and the 1.5 liter pot. These must be bought separately.

While this selection is excellent in my rating and experience, it comes slightly heavier & a bit costlier than some other ultra-light stove options in the market; however its speed & convenience make it a go-go must have option for lightweight backpackers.


Approx. WEIGHT – 15.5oz

(Stove and pot)

Here is another favorite on my list i.e. the MSR WindBurner. It is a superbly convenient integrated cooking gear option for the smart backpackers out there. One basic benefit it has over the MiniMo option mentioned above – is that it has a superior wind resistance capacity. Where strong winds can easily minimize stove efficiency, that’s not a case with the MSR WindBurner. It perfectly helps in retaining heat & it does cook really swift, even in severe exposed environments. The only drawback with this choice is that it does not have good simmer control, doesn’t have a push-button ignition, or strong handle like the Jetboil MiniMo. Other things being equal, if you backpack occasionally around harshly exposed & windy backgrounds, the MSR Windburner is a great fit for your adventures.


Approx. WEIGHT – 14.1oz

(Stove and pot)

The Fire-Maple brand is also a great product. It’s the lightest of the group. Like the other selections this also does not require a windscreen and is windproof. That is a nice weight saver like the other brands. The rack is versatile and can accommodate a variety of pots and pans. This system can be completely contained within the pot for compact storage which is always a concern when backpacking.

Of course one of the advantages of this cooking gear is the efficiency. More efficiency means you carry less fuel for this setup. Another great advantage of this unit is it runs on propane fuel. This is a more readily available fuel source and can be found at pretty much every outdoor store around.


Here are 3 great options for dedicated backpackers. With any of these options you will not go wrong. With any other product you will get what you pay for. There are many other options out there that are much cheaper, however they cannot offer superior lighting ability and save weight like these options ultimately can. You don’t want to skimp when your out in the wild where help can be very far away. Choose a superior personal cooking system!

Other Hiking Options

If you are planning an overnight backpacking trip then you will also need to plan on hydrating yourself! Packing water can be a difficult task for more then even one overnight stay. In these situations you will need to come up with a way to get water from sources in the wild. Check out some of the options in this guide “Types of Hiking Water Filtration Systems”. Hydration is the single most important need when in the wilderness!