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I am an outdoor enthusiast that loves hiking, camping, and skiing. As a kid my family took me to many different outdoor destinations and camping trips. I love trying different outdoor gear and learning about new destinations!

Jedediah Smith Campground: One of the Most Beautiful Places On Earth!

Jedediah Smith Campground is located inside Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. This beautiful campground is surrounded by towering redwood trees and is nestled along the banks of the Smith River. The park and campground were named after a famous explorer that helped make this region of the country well known. The park itself is 10,000

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The Waihee Ridge Trail: A Fun Hiking Trail in the Heart of Paradise

As you probably already know, Hawaii is home to many different scenic hiking trails. These beautiful natural islands have a lot of places that you can explore. Today, we are going to focus on one particular hiking trail. The Waihee Ridge Trail is a very beautiful path that everyone should hike down at least once.

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Hammonasset Beach State Park: One of The State’s Most Popular Destinations 

Hammonasset Beach State Park is rich in history. The park first opened up to the public in the year 1920 and has been popular ever since. In the first year of operation, the park attracted more than 75,000 visitors. Five years later, that number grew to over 450,000! During WWII the park was closed down

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