Rossignol is without a doubt one of the most accomplished and respected names in men’s ski pants and ski jackets. The company has been one of the leading brands for over a 100 years and continues to make some of the best products on the market today.

Founded by Abel Rossignol around the year 1907, this company has been one of the most used by Olympic athletes and recreational skiers alike. Though they make a wide variety of ski equipment, their ski pants are especially popular among both professional and weekend skiers. They feature many fantastic varieties and here the five best Rossignol ski pants for men available in 2018.

5) Rossignol Ski Oxford Ski Pants

The first pair on our list is the Rossignol Ski Oxford Ski pant. Reasonably priced, these pants offer a great waterproof fabric. It also features Thinsulate insulation providing warmth and protecting from the cold wind and snow. The thing about this type of fabric is that it’s not overly heavy and certainly won’t weigh you down while enjoying the mountain slopes. Not only is this product warm, dry, and durable, but also rather fashionable. You will definitely feel and look good when wearing these pants. They have a rather modern design and come in a couple different colors. Though this particular brand isn’t as well-known as some of the others on this list, its affordability and sleek design will not disappoint.

4) Rossignol Men’s Synergy Pant

Coming in at number four on our list of the five best Rossignol Ski Pants for men in 2018 are the Rossignol Men’s Synergy ski pants. This pair is cheap, in fact it’s one of the more affordable pairs of ski pants available. Rossignol is undoubtedly a company that strives to make quality products more affordable to their customers. Some of the other brands of ski pants can cost up to $500, which certainly puts them out of most people’s price range. Rossignol, on the other hand, provides the same high-quality products at half the price. This particular product stands out because it features a waterproof fabric that has been coated with a durable water-repellent treatment. This significantly increases the level of comfort you’ll feel when skiing in these pants. The fabric is also very breathable which definitely comes in handy when breaking out a sweat on the mountain.

3) Rossignol Poursuite XC Ski Pants Mens Sz L

The number three choice on our list is Rossignol Men’s Poursuite Ski Pants. Reasonably priced, you can enjoy this high-quality pair of ski pants that features the same waterproof fabric most other Rossignol garments possess. The fabric is also coated with the same durable water-repellent treatment that was mentioned above. All of the seams on this ski pants product are thermally welded and the zippers are watertight. These features make it one of the top choices for professional skiers. Pros enjoy this product because of its warmth, durability, and flexibility. Because of their popularity, these pants are somewhat hard to find because they seem to sell out very quickly. If you’re lucky enough to find a pair, you should certainly consider purchasing them. You never know when they’ll be available again. They come in a variety of colors but, due to their limited availability, some are rather hard to find.

2) Rossignol Atelier Course Ski Pant Men’s

Cracking the top two on our list of the five best Rossignol ski pants for men in 2018 are the Rossignol Atelier Course Ski Pants. Though one of the more expensive pairs of pants on our list, this particular pair is worth every penny. Though primarily designed for professional and more serious skiers, it will definitely be something you’ll want to consider when shopping for a new pair of ski pants. Its Atelier Course technology is the reason for its rather high price tag because it has a revolutionary muscle support system. Focused on the thigh muscles, this support system allows for enhanced comfort and equilibrium for maximizing an individual’s skiing skills. The fabric is very stretchable which allows for a greater range of movement and ergonomics while skiing. This helps prevent injuries while out on the mountain and its waterproof and breathable membrane ensures that you’ll remain dry and warm on the mountain.

It’s interesting to note that these ski pants were thoroughly tested by some of the best skiers around. They have unanimously remarked that the Rossignol Atelier Course Ski Pants are one of the most innovative, technical and fashionable ski pants around.

1) Rossignol Experience II Stretch Insulated Ski Pant Mens


Though it may seem like the Rossignol Atelier Course Ski Pants are the best this brand has to offer, it simply may be a bit too expensive for more recreational skiers. Therefore, topping our list are the more affordable, yet high-quality Rossignol Experience II Stretch Insulate Ski Pants. With a reasonable price tag, this pair of ski pants has everything you would expect from a great brand. These pants have an adjustable waist and removable suspenders allowing for a bit of customization while out on the slopes. They is also made from waterproof and breathable fabrics like the others on this list. It also has stretch inset zones on the sides of the waist which make these ski pants fit great. Other features include boot gaiters to keep snow out and leg vents for excess heat removal. Additionally, this pant features double layered reinforced cuff guards, and two zippered waist pockets. All in all, this is without a doubt one of the best Rossignol ski pants available. With its meager price tag, you won’t break the bank on this purchase.

Rossignol continues its legacy of making quality ski wear with these five fantastic products. They provide ski pants for a wide variety of skill levels while maintaining their pursuit to be one of the best in the business.