Considering water, food, and then shelter, fire happens to be one of the very significant elements that every backpacker requires for survival in the wilderness or during camping.

When you find yourself in a survival scene – that is – miles or countries away from the conveniences of contemporary life, you will require a method for cooking your meals, and chasing off predators. You need the ideal fire lighting gear that will be reliable in any weather and serve as a source in preparing food and water.

When adequately prepared for any trip, no need to go the ancient way  of seeking out rocks to strike together to produce lighting and fire. Listed here are great fire starters that will start a fire for your use – in no time & with no stress!

All of the fire starters here use magnesium with a flint and steal. Check out the following video with information on how to light a fire with these types of starters.

The Gerber Bear Grylls Fire starter


This awesome fire starter is simply outstanding and has a Ferro-cerium rod & metal striker. The Gerber Bear Fire Starter comes with a water-resistant storage box to hold the tinder dry when in idle state. Its lanyard aids in keeping every piece secure while in use. This fire starter comes complete in a kit that comprises the lanyard, the starter, a rod & a handy survival guide. It also includes a whistle within the rod – meant for usage in times of emergencies. This fire starter is indeed very portable & compact and very easy to use.

The Pernix Magnesium Survival Fire starter


This fire starter option happens to be one of the more lightweight alternatives in the marketplace and it sure does hit a blow with regard to the volume of sparks (about 12,000). It is superbly waterproof & is designed with military-grade material. The Pernix Magnesium has the capacity to function in all kinds of weather situations and comes to you with a benefit of lifetime warranty.

SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter


Majority of backpackers love this very choice of fire starter because of its high efficient capabilities. It does come with a knife/metal striker, a lanyard & a magnesium rod that makes it highly fitting for every trip. Its upside is its 100% simplicity and portability and also doubling as a knife which is another outdoors person must have.

SO now you know the best 3 fire starters for your backpacking adventures. Enjoy your trip!